Student Enrollment Form

Student Information

Family Information

Emergency Contact Information

In case of emergency, parents/guardians will be contacted first. Please appoint a contact person to act/decide on behalf of parents/guardians if they cannot be reached

Educational History

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Terms and Conditions

Please note that Silver Bells reserves the right to use images of your child for the purpose of sharing learning and activities within our school community including in newsletters, classroom displays, the school Facebook page, and the school website. If Silver Bells wishes to use images of your child for promotional and advertising purposes, you will be contacted for approval. If you have concerns with this, please put your concerns in writing to the principal.

Permission to administer medication and water play activities

Further Information
In case of a life threatening situation, my child will be taken to the closest suitable medical facility, and I will be notified.
Terms of Agreement
I certify everything in this application is true to the best of my ability. I agree to abide by the school rules and procedures. I understand failing to follow school rule and procedures, can result in my child being suspended from Silver Bells.
To complete registration please provide the documents below
Birth Certificate or Passport Parent ID or Passport Report card from previous school Paid registration fee

Please note that Silver Bells follows age based enrollment to make sure students are placed in a class with their peers. Students applying for Nursery One must be 3 years old before 1st September of the academic year they are requesting enrollment for. Silver Bells is not obligated to hold open a child’s spot after 20 absentee days by the child.